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There are few receptionist courses on the web.  The goal of this website is to build a space where you can acquire the skills needed to perform the basic and advanced duties of a receptionist. Receptionists need to demonstrate a wide range.  Receptionists are the frontline in the office environment, providing a first point of contact between the company and the client.  Basic duties of Receptionist are: answering phones, greeting clients face-to-face, managing concerns of clients, maintaining a record of calls and sometimes maintaining the calendars of the chief executives of the office.  Despite the often minimal role a receptionist is portrayed as maintaining, receptionists will be given more advanced tasks such as maintaining records, files, managing personal and professional records.

Receptionist Courses and Training

  • Standard receptionist courses will teach you the basics of answering telephone calls as well as showing you how to answer a telephone properly.  The courses are often geared toward developing basic skills and tools to provide professional demeanor and customer services.  Additionally these programs can provide the necessary skills to navigate challenging situations that may arise within the workplace and when faced by an angry client.

Specific Programs

  • Depending on the level of skill the new receptionist has, they may need additional training and skill development.  There are specific courses for individuals interested in being a receptionist in a medical or veterinarian office.  These programs may or may not confer degrees upon the students of these programs.  An example of individualized skills that a medical receptionist might need would be the ability to manage medical coding, transcription and specific duties specific to a medical receptionist.  These skills are specific to the field of interest of the client.


  • This process of certification is not required by most companies or industries.  However, a prospective employer will often look at special skills and training that would apply to the field and consider the applicant with more experience or developed skills.  Completing a receptionist course can provide an applicant the necessary edge on an application – especially when there is a great deal of other applicants.

In-Company Receptionist Courses

  • While it is rare, some companies will provide training for new receptionists to prepare them for their new job.  An online or weekend receptionist course can provide the skills needed to advance quickly and excel while training within a company course.  Often the training may be on-the-job training or over a weekend.  While these courses may occasionally be offered, it is highly recommended that you maintain and develop your skills through ongoing personal development.