Review: Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook

August 6th, 2013 | Posted by C Cutting in Blog

Currently, I am working on a receptionist guide of my own to provide you all free of charge. Unfortunately, with a recent move and a fifteen month old baby under foot, I have been a bit delayed. I hope to have a copy up for you by the end of August or early September. My guide will be a how-to for the beginner interested in learning more about a career in the receptionist field and how to land a job.
However, if you are looking for something to help guide you right now, I highly recommend the Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbookit has been an invaluable help to me as I started my career in the receptionist field.

This book covers a wide range of topics and helps you to understand the diverse skills needed to succeed in an administrative position. From managing schedules for various executives, arranging meetings, working on legal documents, planning events and translating information into Powerpoint presentations. Administrative assistants now-a-days are expected to do a lot more than just sit at a desk and answer phones.

A career as an administrative assistant can be both rewarding and challenging. This latest edition of the Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook is an excellent handbook for the beginner of the expert.

With over 500 pages of material it is a critical tool to have when you start your search for a job in the administrative field.

It has descriptions and how-to guides on designing graphics, creatings charts, developing presentations, using computer programs, and how to use Microsoft office efficiently.

It teaches you tricks of the trade for managing email and outlook service.

It reviews:

  • Basic Math
  • How to organize computer files
  • Research tools
  • The critical skill of time Management
  • Basic customer service
  • Event planning
  • And so much more information is provided

This book is jammed with information and is an incredible reference to have on your desk.